Women in Conservation

Someday projects won’t have to be highlighted specifically because women are lending them, and someday gender won’t even matter when mentioning accomplishments. Someday we won’t ask the question “what is it like being a woman in conservation”. Conservation is not a space of isolation and to get to the day when there’s greater gender equality in conservation. It is important we elevate women doing amazing work, to inspire others to do better too.

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We recognize that, often, when gender is highlighted it’s typically to help advance specific agendas. However, “it’s time we put more chairs around the table” to advance conservation. As one of the oldest reserves in South Africa, we celebrate the women working in conservation and encourage many more to join the industry and make the best contribution to future generations and the world.

Women in a helicoper in sabi sand nature reserve

Women play an important role in the field of conservation. Their work is critical to the protection and management of natural resources. Women have been working in the field of conservation for many years, but their contributions have often been overlooked. In recent years, however, there has been a growing recognition of the important role that women play in conservation.

The history of conservation is laced with the stories of many women who have contributed to the movement. One of these women was Rachel Carson. Carson was a scientist, a writer, and an environmentalist.

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Women are often the heart of conservation efforts. From the United States to the Republic of Congo, women have been organizing and advocating for the protection of forests and other natural areas for decades. While their successes are many, the challenges they face are also great.

South Africa has a long history of women working in the field of conservation. One of the most well-known women in the country’s conservation history is Dr Audrey Carpendale. Carpendale was the first woman to be appointed to the position of director of a national park in South Africa. She was also the first woman to be appointed to the board of trustees of a game reserve.

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