Sabi Sand Map

How can you get to
Sabi Sand Nature Reserve?

By air

Skukuza Airport in the Kruger Park and Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport (KMIA), both offer direct flights to and from many parts of the country.

Direct charters to your destination lodge are also available. Please discuss options with your host lodge.

By road

The Sabi Sand Nature Reserve has three major access gates: Shaws Gate, Newington Gate and Gowrie Gate. These gates are geographically spread through the reserve, allowing for easy access to all lodges on the reserve.

Shaws Gate (South)

GPS Coordinates: -24.928349, 31.479635

Newington Gate (West)

GPS Coordinates: -24.868989, 31.404586

Gowrie Gate (North)

GPS Coordinates: -24.694681, 31.515164

Access to Sabi Sand Lodges & Gates

If you are unsure which gate to use, please see the Sabi Sand map below. Each gate has been colour coded with the routes to each of the lodges. It is important to take note of which gate to use as access is provisioned only for applicable lodges.

On arrival, please ensure that your gate permit is stamped by the lodge to allow for exit.

Click here to download this map as a PDF

Alternative Routes – Road closures

Road closures and road blocks can be unpredictable, the below map will allow for alternative routes to be taken if a situation arises where the main access routes are closed or blocked off for an unknown reason. The map has been categorized into three areas, Primary (main route to access Sabi Sand Nature Reserve), Secondary (second choice if primary is closed) and Tertiary (third option if primary and secondary are closed).

This map is to aid as a guide, Sabi Sand Nature Reserve is not liable for any damages or risks that may be posed on alternate routes.

Click here to download this map as a PDF

Sabi Sand gate times: General

Gate Name Operational Times
Opening Time Closing Time
Shaws Gate 05h00 23h00
Newington Gate 05h00 23h00
Gowrie Gate 05h00 23h00
Dumphries Gate* 06h00* 18h00*
Toulon Gate** 06h00** 18h00**


The Sabi Sand Nature Reserve internal curfew is 23h00 and ends at 04h30.

All travel or gate entries / exits before 05h00 and after 23h00 will attract a fee of R150.00, payable in cash at the gate.

*Note: Dumphries gate is for pedestrians only, no vehicles permitted.

**Note: This is only for official Skukuza Airport traffic to transfer arrivals and departures.

Sabi Sand gate times: Deliveries

Gate Name Operational Times
Opening Time Closing Time
Shaws Gate 09h00 16h00
Newington Gate 09h00 16h00
Gowrie Gate 09h00 16h00

*Note: Kindly maintain protocols and be strict on this as it impacts on game drives and the guest experience across the reserve.

Sabi Sand gate times: Heavy vehicles

Gate Name Operational Times
Opening Time Final Time To Enter Closing Time
Shaws Gate 09h00 14h00 16h00
Newington Gate 09h00 14h00 16h00
Gowrie Gate 09h00 14h00 16h00

*Note: No guest, delivery, or contractor may exit the gate without a stamped exit permit by the lodge that was visited.

Sabi Sand Nature Reserve gate fees

Entry type 01 Jan 2024 – 31 Dec 2024
Light vehicle under 3500kg GVN R330.00 per entry
Heavy vehicle over 3500kg GVN R580.00 per entry
Per person fee R150.00 per entry
Staff vehicle (SVP) with valid permits & cards R150.00 per entry
Billable Members Permits (BMP) with valid permits and cards R150.00 per entry

All prices above are inclusive of 15% VAT