Sabi Sand Nature Reserve

The First-Ever
Private Nature Reserve

Sabi Sand Nature Reserve exists to protect, preserve and promote a remarkable part of the Greater Kruger National Park’s open ecosystem. We’re committed to the sustainable management of this pristine wilderness area between the Sabie and Sand Rivers, and to working with our community partners to create meaningful opportunities for self-realisation.

Thanks to our ongoing wildlife conservation work (including rigorous anti-poaching efforts), the Sabi Sand Nature Reserve has gained international renown for its collaborative approach to protecting endangered species and ensuring that this unspoiled area retains its unique character for many generations to come.

We believe that the Earth’s remaining wild places are essential to the wellbeing of the planet, and to the people and creatures that share it.  Through continued engagement, we’ve learned a great deal about the importance of the Sabi Sand ecosystem. The understanding that we’ve gained drives our passion for protecting and conserving it now and into the future.

We’re confident that we can share the knowledge we’ve gained with other protected areas in Africa and beyond, and drive the growth of a sustainable conservation-based regional economy. Our active partnerships with government, research and conservation bodies, multinational technology companies, local communities and neighbouring game reserves make us confident that we can achieve these goals for the benefit of all stakeholders, and the wider Kruger ecosystem.

Sabi Sand Pfunanani Trust

The Trust is committed to enabling self-empowerment and community development opportunities for people living in the community areas adjoining the Sabi Sand Nature Reserve in South Africa’s Mpumalanga Province. The work of the Pfunanani Trust is based on the certainty that our neighbours have a vital role to play in the success of the Sabi Sand Nature Reserve, and that together we can empower people to achieve their full potential.

Sabi Sand Nature Conservation Trust

Focused on preserving the ecological integrity of the Sabi Sand Nature Reserve, which forms the foundation of everything we do.


The integrity of South Africa’s protected areas is extremely important – not only to preserve some of the most diverse habitats and ecosystems on earth, but also to secure this important legacy for our future generations.

Throughout many of South Africa’s rural areas, wildlife tourism is the most significant contributor to our local economy. Often economic activities associated with wildlife surpass other rural land uses. By joining neighbouring communities as partners, it creates the opportunity for them to embrace their role as ambassadors of our natural environment – our most important resource.


With 12 rural surrounding villages, the Sabi Sand Nature Reserve actively supports these communities through the Sabi Sand Pfunanani Trust & various NPOs affiliated with the reserve.


A key focus in the Sabi Sand Nature Reserve’s history has been passionately preserving its natural biodiversity. Multiple conservation efforts in place makes this goal a reality.

Saving Rhino

Sabi Sand stands out as a leading landmark for conservation in Africa. We have created a protected sanctuary for species that are at risk. Over the last six years we have implemented an intensive wildlife protection programme and continually build on this work to defend our precious species.


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