The integrity of South Africa’s protected areas is extremely important – not only to preserve some of the most diverse habitats and ecosystems on earth, but also to secure this important legacy for our future generations.

Throughout many of South Africa’s rural areas, wildlife tourism is the most significant contributor to our local economy. Often economic activities associated with wildlife surpass other rural land uses. By joining neighbouring communities as partners, it creates the opportunity for them to embrace their role as ambassadors of our natural environment – our most important resource.


With 12 rural surrounding villages, the Sabi Sand Nature Reserve actively supports these communities through the Sabi Sand Pfunanani Trust & various NPOs affiliated with the reserve.


A key focus in the Sabi Sand Nature Reserve’s history has been passionately preserving its natural biodiversity. Multiple conservation efforts in place makes this goal a reality.

Saving Rhino

Sabi Sand stands out as a leading landmark for conservation in Africa. We have created a protected sanctuary for species that are at risk. Over the last six years we have implemented an intensive wildlife protection programme and continually build on this work to defend our precious species.